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How to become a GTO Wizard

How to become a GTO Wizard Welcome to the wonderful world of game theory optimal poker! This article will serve…

27/09/2022       10 min. / 53 sec.

Poker subsets and abstractions

Poker subsets and abstractions No Limit Hold’Em is an extraordinarily complex game: a truly accurate representation of the game consists…

19/09/2022       8 min. / 58 sec.

Mathematical Misconceptions in Poker

Mathematical Misconceptions in Poker Pot Odds and MDF are foundational mathematical formulas in poker. This article will start with some…

14/07/2022       7 min. / 55 sec.


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Best place to learn poker to free

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Train like a Pro More stats, more data, more ways to track your progress! In this update,…

07/09/2022       6 min. / 30 sec.

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