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A draw, on the flop, which requires specific cards to come, on both the turn and river to complete …


A slang term for an inside straight draw, which requires one specific card to complete it …


The percentage chance that a player will win a hand, assuming all players go to showdown. Equity also …


The least exploitable fixed strategy, resulting in the highest possible expected value against an …


A commonly used acronym for the term independent chip model. ICM is a model that translates the …

Pot Odds

The ratio of the size of the bet a player is facing in relation to the size of the pot. For example …

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Bluff catching rivers
Belligerent big blind
The vluff


The Vluff

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GTO Wizard is the ultimate all-in-one GTO tool

GTO Wizard is the ultimate all-in-one GTO tool
Pioneering Poker AI Research

Pioneering Poker AI Research

During the past decades, given its direct relationship with real-world applications such as negotiation, auctions, cybersecurity, and…

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Best place to learn poker to free

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Best place to learn poker to free
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Best place to learn poker to free
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