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OUR SOLUTIONS CurrentComing SoonSolvingPlanning 6max Cash Game General (NL50 + NL500) 100BB ALL SPOTS4-8 sizings. Accuracy 0.2% – 0.3% of the pot. NL50 – Rake 5% 4BB Cap; NL500 – Rake 5% 0.6BB Cap. Best solutions, using GTO preferred preflop sizes (UTG and HJ open to 2x, CO 2.3x, BTN 2.5x, SB 3x.) General (NL50…

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All you need to know about our solutions

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In November we have released GTO Wizard, an advanced GTO tool where you can browse the entire game tree for 6 Handed Cash Game poker. Our solutions consist of over 300.000 flops from 300+ different heads up post-flop situations than can occur in the games. Many of you have asked us many questions about them…

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Hand History Analyzer is here!

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We are thrilled to announce that Hand History Analyzer is out after months of work! What is it capable of, and what are our plans with it? What other changes does this update bring? We are going to answer everything in today’s article.

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