Poker subsets and abstractions

Poker subsets and abstractions No Limit Hold’Em is an extraordinarily complex game: a truly accurate representation of…

19/09/2022       8 min. / 58 sec.

How to solve toy games

How to solve toy games Toy games are simplified versions of poker that we can use to…

11/07/2022       11 min. / 44 sec.

MDF & Alpha

MDF & Alpha Minimum Defence Frequency and Alpha are metrics on poker that determine how wide someone…

01/07/2022       11 min. / 44 sec.

Visualizing implied odds

Visualizing implied odds Implied odds are a key metric when it comes to poker theory. You may…

20/06/2022       7 min. / 58 sec.

ICM Basics

ICM Basics As a tournament player, you may have heard about the concept of “ICM”, but what…

16/06/2022       10 min. / 33 sec.