ICM Basics

ICM Basics As a tournament player, you may have heard about the concept of “ICM”, but what…

16/06/2022       10 min. / 40 sec.
what is equity in poker gtowizard

What is Equity in Poker?

What is Equity in Poker? The term “Equity” is ubiquitous throughout poker theory. Equity refers to your…

13/06/2022       11 min. / 42 sec.

Range Morphology

Range Morphology A natural step in the thought process from novice to advanced player is the ability…

07/06/2022       12 min. / 23 sec.

Understanding Nash Distance

Understanding Nash Distance One of the most common questions when studying with solvers is “Why does the…

26/05/2022       5 min. / 28 sec.
combinatorics poker puzzle thumbnail

Combinatorics Poker Puzzle

Combinatorics Poker Puzzle Today we have a special puzzle for you that will test your intuition as…

23/05/2022       3 min. / 11 sec.

What is GTO in Poker?

What is GTO in Poker? Welcome aspiring Wizards! Game theory optimal is a term commonly thrown around…

17/05/2022       5 min. / 20 sec.