Check-Raising a Single Pair

Check-Raising a Single Pair

In this article, I will address a question raised by Twitter/X user ’Matt Riley’, who asks, “In…

26/02/2024       9 min. / 34 sec.
The Turn Probe Bet

The Turn Probe Bet

Imagine yourself defending as the BB caller vs BTN preflop raiser in a 100bb cash game pot.…

20/02/2024       16 min. / 50 sec.
Protecting Equity

Protect Equity and Prosper

When we think about the best hands to bet in a given situation, we tend to consider…

13/02/2024       11 min. / 53 sec.
Disciplining Big Blind in Limped Pots

Do Solvers Have Targets?

Targeting has long been a staple of exploitative poker thinking. When you’re value betting against a predictable…

12/02/2024       8 min. / 42 sec.
I’d Rather Be Drawing

I’d Rather Be Drawing

Which is the better hand on a K♥8♦5♦ flop: K♠T♣ or 7♥6♥? OK, I’ll admit I didn’t…

06/02/2024       9 min. / 34 sec.