Dynamic Solving Benchmarks

Dynamic Sizing Benchmarks

Dynamic Sizing is a revolutionary new poker algorithm that automatically simplifies your strategy with the highest EV…

21/08/2023       8 min. / 54 sec.
Mastering PKO Final Tables

Mastering PKO Final Tables

Final tables can be the most exciting and rewarding phase of a tournament, and being able to…

08/08/2023       13 min. / 33 sec.
Responding to BB Squeezes

Responding to BB Squeezes

You open raise, someone calls, and the BB squeezes. How should you construct your strategy? Once there…

24/07/2023       10 min. / 35 sec.
Crushing a top HUNL poker bot

Crushing a Top HUNL Poker Bot

In 2022, Philippe Beardsell and Marc-Antoine Provost, a team of Canadian programmers from Quebec, developed the most…

19/07/2023       6 min. / 7 sec.
GTO Wizard AI Solver Explained

GTO Wizard AI Explained

We are excited to introduce GTO Wizard AI, formerly known as Ruse, the world’s best and fastest…

19/07/2023       5 min. / 33 sec.