Supported sites and formats for Hand History Analyzer

In this article, we are going to break down what formats and sites we are currently supporting and how to face any issues you may have with it.

LAST UPDATE 23th February 2023

Currently supported formats

  • Cash 6max
  • Cash 6max straddle+ante
  • Cash 8max straddle+ante
  • Cash Heads-up
  • MTT 8max
  • Spin & Go
  • HU SNG

Currently supported sites

Supported sites


Supported sites


Supported sites

Coin poker

Supported sites

GG Poker

Supported sites


Supported sites


Supported sites


Supported sites


Supported sites


Supported sites


Supported sites


Supported sites


Supported sites


UPoker icon


Supported sites


Supported sites


Supported sites

WPN (America’s Card Room)

Is there a site we are missing? Let us know on our Discord!

I got an error, what to do?

Upload a hand with 3 to 6 players at the table

We can only analyze hands where 3 to 6 players are at the table. We don’t currently support HU or Full ring. (This will change in the future)

Hero cards are missing

Please check if your hand history is complete and the hero has Hole cards.

Wrong format or site

We currently support only sites and formats mentioned at the beginning of this article.

Your Hand history is not complete

Please check your Hand history, if it’s complete. It’s important to include all the players at the table, hero cards, and even selected which player is playing on the button position.

Your Hand history has too many characters

Please check again if you are uploading just a single hand. Maybe you copied more hands at the same time.

My error message is not here or the problem still occurs

Please contact us at our Discord, we will be happy to help you.

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