Future of GTO Wizard

In this article, we gonna take a look at:

  • What are we currently working on and when you can expect it in GTO Wizard
  • When and which formats you can expect to be added to GTO Wizard

First of all, let me thank all of you for your support and all the kind words. When we started to work on GTO Wizard years ago, we knew that a product like this is missing on the market, but we never expected that there would be such a massive demand right after we release it.

Our mission is to bring you the best poker learning experience you can get, either on your desktop or when you are on the go on your phone. We are aware of two things – we will never get there if we would be working just 40 hours a week or if we would stop listening to your feedback. That’s why we are very user-oriented from the beginning, and a big thank you goes to all of you for providing us great feedback and great ideas.

A big shout-out goes especially to MoneyJ2K, LuckiestMofo, LordofMuck, Slorgo, Arew, JackOscar, MFW, Blackzie, MadLuke, Blumpkin, Seed2Shade and thoughtxriot for being such active and helpful members of the GTO Wizard community (sorry if I forgot about someone!)

Let’s get now to the main point of this article.

What we are currently working on
and when can you expect it in GTO Wizard

In the next update, which is coming in the first half of March, we will add an ability to upload files to GTO Wizard. You will then be able to upload your database or session to GTO Wizard and see where you deviate from GTO. With that, we will also add a new Premium tier. The main difference between the Starter tier and the Premium tier is uploading 100,000 hands/month, getting very detailed reports from them, studying with aggregated reports, and having weekly coaching with GTO experts. Until all of these features are in GTO Wizard, we will be selling the Premium tier with a 35% discount. After we get rid out of the discount, the Premium will cost slightly above $100. Exact details will be announced soon with the update. We will also change how Free users can use GTO Wizard. We understand not everyone can afford to use GTO Wizard, so the free plan will give you enough options to get your game to the level, so you are good enough to move up at the limits you play.

In the following update (second half of March), we will release Aggregated reports. If you have some specific requests for Aggregated reports, please let us know on our Discord in channel #ideas-and-requests.

If we look a little bit further than just March, we will also release new practice modes. I will not share more details right now, but I believe it will be a revolution in studying GTO in a fun and exciting way. We will also add reports, both for Practice and Analyze modes. So you can see detailed stats of where you are losing most EV, and you can focus only on the spots that matter the most to you. We are also working on GTO Academy (30 lessons), which will help beginners and semipros to understand better GTO principles and how to use them at the tables. These lessons will be entirely for free.

We are doing our best to bring you all the mentioned features into GTO Wizard already by this summer!

You are asking us a lot to be able to change used sizings or upload your solutions. And we hear you. After we finish the HH Analyzer + Aggregated reports, we will start working on this ability. GTO Wizard won’t be just a tool where you can study/practice pre-solved spots. You will be able to resolve any spot you want with your inputs.

This is getting us to another main point of this article.

New formats and new solutions we will add to GTO Wizard

For the 6max cash game, we are planning to introduce two types of solutions.

  • Complex solutions
    They will have many sizings (8-12 in most spots). We will mainly use them for HH Analyzer. Right now, if you bet 4BB and we solved for bet 3BB, we will take your bet as 3BB. After we introduce the new solutions, we will be able to compare almost any action you will take during the game. The HH Analyzer will then become a powerful tool to find your and your opponents’ leaks.
  • Simplified solutions
    For your study will be better to use simplified solutions. We are working on a robust algorithm that will take those complex solutions and, using EV and other variables, find the best sizing for each spot. So you can study efficiently just with one or max two sizings.

When are we going to release them? This is hard to answer even for us. We have an idea, but there are many variables. It’s not enough just to solve the solutions. There is a lot of work with them even after solving is done, and also, only to import all the spots to GTO Wizard will take few weeks. We are also thinking about introducing few main spots first and keep adding other spots overtime. We will keep updating you on this, but to give you some idea, I wouldn’t expect all the spots to be in GTO Wizard before 1st May.

We will introduce complex and simplified solutions with NL500z rake and also with NL50z rake (both PokerStars rake format). So if you are playing low stakes or midstakes+, we got you covered.

We are also already solving HU SNGs and Spins. We will add both of these formats, most likely, before the new 6max solutions. (Insert your email here to get notified once they are out). We also started to work with excellent MTTs pros to get some idea on how to solve MTTs, which we want to add to GTO Wizard. We would also like to introduce HU cash + PLO 6max + PLO HU this year.

To get notified once we add these formats to GTO Wizard, please insert your email here (no spam).

We are in for the long haul. When we started to work on GTO Wizard, we were just two friends, now we are a team of 8 people, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.

The product you are using now is still far away from where we are heading with it. We can’t wait to show you all the things we are working on, and thank all of you one more time for being very supportive.

The barrier to study GTO was always huge. You needed a powerful PC, solver knowledge, a lot of time, etc. We are working hard on making this barrier as thin as it can get. This is the future, and we are happy you are on this journey with us. Thank you, everyone.

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