6 Reasons Why You Should Use GTO Wizard

1. Every spot is a click away

6 Reasons Why You Should Use GTO Wizard

The primary problem with running your own solves is that it takes a massive amount of time, energy, and computation to run your own sims.

Before the advent of solver libraries, if you wanted to study a flop you had to be committed to it. You had to load up a solver, build the preflop ranges, construct a betting tree, put in the rake, then use up all your PC’s resources for anywhere between 15 minutes and several hours. All of that effort just to see the GTO solution for a single flop.

Not anymore. With GTO Wizard, almost every situation you can think of is mere clicks away. High-quality preflop ranges are available for the most obscure situations. Postflop solutions are available for all 1755 strategically distinct flops. Any spot that goes two-players to the flop is available, with high-resolution accuracy and complex trees. This level of on-demand data marks a new era in the solver world.

Whether you’re a cash game player, an MTT pro, or a Spins master, we’ve got you covered. The first reason to study GTO Wizard can be summed up by one word – convenience.

2. Advanced analysis tools

6 Reasons Why You Should Use GTO Wizard

Looking at the solution will only take you so far. To truly analyze a spot you need the ability to analyze the data. Most solvers lack the tools needed to truly dissect the strategy.

GTO Wizard builds advanced analysis features into every solution, allowing you to maximize your study time and extract the most useful information quickly.

Filter any spot by equity buckets, detailed hand classes, suits, or actions. You can even combine filters. View a side-by-side comparison of both ranges using the ranges tab. Check out the equity distribution graph. Use the breakdown tab to see how each betting line is constructed, and observe how different hand classes behave.

6 Reasons Why You Should Use GTO Wizard

You can extract ranges at any node in the game tree. View the equity, EV, strategy, or realization of the solution. Group similar bet sizes together to simplify your analysis, or even graph the betting frequencies.

6 Reasons Why You Should Use GTO Wizard

3. Aggregate reports for every situation

6 Reasons Why You Should Use GTO Wizard

Aggregate Reports are one of GTO Wizard’s most powerful features. An aggregate report represents data from every possible flop for a particular spot (e.g. BTN vs BB SRP). In the past, people spent thousands of hours solving subsets of flops just to get a glimpse into the underlying trends of GTO for some spot. With GTO Wizard, all 1755 strategically distinct flops are aggregated into one report. This allows users to find powerful strategies and build data-driven analysis.

Not only that, but you can filter, sort, and group data together to extract key information. You want to know which flops have the highest equity realization for the BTN in BTN vs BB SRP? We’ve got you covered.

Don’t like the table view, switch to chart mode. Which flops, grouped by the high card, bet most frequently in that scenario?

6 Reasons Why You Should Use GTO Wizard

What if we filter for flushdraw paired boards?

6 Reasons Why You Should Use GTO Wizard

Looks like paired FD boards prefer a smaller bet at a higher frequency.

6 Reasons Why You Should Use GTO Wizard

As you can see, GTO Wizard makes it easy to discover new heuristics and fine-tune your strategy, whether it’s for a single-raised pot or a 4bet pot. Trying to extract trends like this would take years of computation on regular hardware. Most solvers only offer very limited in-app analysis for aggregate reports, or require you to build your own tools in spreadsheets.

With GTO Wizard, you don’t need to do any of that. You can view aggregate reports with advanced analysis tools, comprised of high-quality solutions for every strategically distinct flop, for any situation you can think of.

4. Practice mode

6 Reasons Why You Should Use GTO Wizard

Studying solutions is one thing, but if you want to take your game to the next level, you need to put theory into practice. GTO Wizard offers a state-of-the-art GTO trainer to help you master this game.

  • Play full hands from preflop to river
  • Dynamic information panel updates as you play
  • Practice any node in the game tree
  • Specify boards, textures, hands dealt, preflop and postflop actions
  • Drill a single spot or play full hands
  • Optional RNG and performance metrics
  • Practice frequencies, actions, or build entire ranges with the Rangebuilder

Many more practice modes are in development, as GTO Wizard is committed to offering new and exciting ways to improve at poker.

5. Automatically analyze your hand histories

Arguably one of the most useful features of a subscription library is the ability to analyze your hand histories. But who wants to spend time manually marking hands and looking up solutions? That’s way too much work. Simply drag-and-drop your sessions into the Analyzer and GTO Wizard will automatically analyze your hand histories, marking the biggest EV mistakes.

Get an overview of your play in the Uploads page:

6 Reasons Why You Should Use GTO Wizard

Check out your hand histories in the Hands page, sort by EV loss to find your biggest leaks. This is the quickest way to plug your losses and improve your skill level.

6 Reasons Why You Should Use GTO Wizard

Check the solution overview for any hand in the toolbar, then replay the hand with the build in replayer

6 Reasons Why You Should Use GTO Wizard

6. Community

When you join GTO Wizard, you’re not just getting a tool, you’re joining a thriving community of professional poker players. Networking is one of your most powerful resources!

Join our discord and give us your strategy questions, ideas and feedback. Our server is very active! Premium members also have access to weekly coaching sessions by the one-and-only Saulo Costa.

How to become a GTO Wizard

How do I use GTO Wizard to get better at poker?

Mastering any skill comes down to three things: Study, practice, analyze. These are the core tasks that make you better. Learn new information by studying. Practice that newly learned information with practice mode. Then review your play with the analyzer.

  • Study – Using a solution browser capable of showing you the strategy for every spot with advanced analysis tools. View aggregate flop reports to find trends.
  • Practice – Against the solution, practice a specific spot, or practice range construction.
  • Analyze – Review your play and quickly plug your biggest leaks with our automatic hand history Analyzer.

GTO Wizard  the #1 App for Poker players

 Study any spot imaginable

Practice by playing vs. GTO

Analyze your hands with 1-click




Tom is a long time poker theory enthusiast, GTO Wizard coach and YouTuber, and author of the Daily Dose of GTO.

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