How to study GTO solutions

How to Study GTO Solutions

Tools like GTO Wizard and other solvers should not be used to memorize specific strategies. There are…

02/01/2023       6 min. / 37 sec.
Principles of GTO

Principles of GTO

Game theory, or GTO (for Game Theoretically Optimal), is best understood not as a rigid set of…

19/12/2022       11 min. / 22 sec.
Stack to pot ration in poker

Stack-to-pot ratio

Stack-to-pot ratio, or SPR, is a way of measuring how deep the effective stack is and thus…

17/11/2022       7 min. / 9 sec.
Equity Realization

Equity Realization

In poker jargon, equity expresses how much of the pot a hand will win, on average, at…

16/11/2022       10 min. / 45 sec.