Introducing GTO Wizard AI

In every industry, there are those pivotal moments when technological innovations redefined the game completely. The world of poker is no exception. We saw how trackers transformed tactics, how HUDs elevated real-time strategies, and in 2015, we watched as solvers revolutionized our perception of optimal strategy.

Today, we are proud to introduce another technological breakthrough – GTO Wizard AI. This powerful technology can accurately solve any poker spot in seconds!

Unlike presolved solutions, custom solving allows you to edit the solving parameters. You can modify ranges, adjust the stack and pot size, add or remove actions, customize the betting tree, and automatically simplify and optimize your bet sizes!

Brace yourself – the meta is about to change!

Introducing GTO Wizard AI

In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we’re delighted to announce that GTO Wizard has joined forces with Ruse AI, the creators of the most advanced poker AI in existence. The Ruse team has joined GTO Wizard, and their cutting-edge technology now powers our custom solutions!


Say goodbye to the limitations of presolved solutions with GTO Wizard AI!

In the past, we solved spots using traditional solvers, then uploaded them to a library of solutions. Presolved solutions are fast and useful, but this meant users couldn’t change anything about the spot. This is where GTO Wizard AI comes in.

With custom solving, you can change every parameter and solve in seconds!

  • Edit the player’s ranges
  • Change the stack and pot size
  • Add or remove actions
  • Customize the betting tree
  • Automatically simplify and optimize your bet sizes
Crushing a top HUNL poker bot

That’s right, GTO Wizard AI can automatically simplify your strategy with the highest EV sizes at every decision point!

This doesn’t merely simplify or reduce sizes using a predetermined solution. Rather, our solver employs artificial intelligence to estimate the expectation of all possible betting strategies at each decision point. It chooses the size that retains the most EV out of a list of predefined sizes, which you can customize to your liking.

How accurate are these solutions, you ask? Very. We’ve accomplished speed and accuracy that outperforms all benchmarks. We decimated the ACPC champion Slumbot for 19bb/100 in a 150k hand HUNL match, and averaged a Nash Distance of only 0.21% pot when nodelocking these solutions against PioSolver.

What’s next?

GTO Wizard AI Solver Explained

This is just the beginning. We are on a mission to disrupt the poker industry and deliver a cutting-edge, immersive poker training experience. We’re building an all-star team working tirelessly to bring you the ultimate poker training experience!

Current Limitations

GTO Wizard AI is restricted to heads up spots only. You cannot specify a custom ICM structure, assign bounties, or solve multiway spots. Additionally, The stack-to-pot ratio is limited to a maximum of 100 in order to ensure that our solutions are accurate.

Coming next update(s)

  • Fair Play – Check if a hand was recently solved by anyone using GTO Wizard & more
  • HU Preflop – Solve two-player preflop spots
  • Edit presolved solutions – Customize and re-solve any postflop GTO Wizard spot
  • Nodelocking – Design exploitative strategies
  • Ultimate Training – Practice against GTO using whatever bet size you want

General Roadmap

  • GTO Reports – Compare your analyzed hand history stats against GTO
  • Customized aggregate reports
  • Customizable rake structures
  • Solve any ICM structure
  • Assign PKO bounties
  • Multiway Preflop and postflop solving
  • Custom PLO solving
  • Translating solver outputs into human language to simplify the learning curve
  • Building adaptive solutions that more closely match the player’s level and are easier to study
GTO Wizard AI Solver Explained


We’re launching a new Elite tier for the best of the best. It’s priced at $149/month (or $129/month with an annual subscription). However, to celebrate the introduction of GTO Wizard AI, we’re offering a limited time Early Bird Discount starting from $109/month! The Elite tier offers unlimited exclusive access to GTO Wizard AI custom solves. Elite users will also be able to upload 150,000 hands each month to our Hand History Analyzer.

Introducing GTO Wizard AI
Introducing GTO Wizard AI

You can UPGRADE from Starter/Premium to an Elite membership at any time by paying the difference in pricing! If you want to try before you buy, all users can solve one flop for free: QT7.

The early bird discount will end in November. Starter and Premium subscriptions will remain the same price after the early bird discount while retaining all of their current features.

Review the Elite tier to compare the features offered at each tier and Upgrade here.

Fair Play

With great power comes great responsibility! In addition to our current security measures, we partnered with poker sites to help keep the games fair, and we’re building a fair play tool that allows players to check if hands were recently solved by anyone using GTO Wizard. Details about this will be announced in the next update.

But our ambitions go beyond simply preventing misuse of GTO Wizard. Our long-term vision is to completely eliminate unfair play in online poker. We’re developing GTO reports that will allow players to compare every detail of their hand history stats with optimal play. Not only is this going to be a fantastic training tool, but it opens the door to something else. The fusion of lightning-fast adaptable solvers and detailed GTO reports will empower us to innovate robust methods of detecting unscrupulous play. These methods could potentially be used to detect super-human play from any large database of hand histories.

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GTO Wizard AI Solver Explained

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