MTT, Spin & Go, HU SnG
postflop solutions

Wizards, It’s time to get back to school, and we got you covered! Today we are releasing multiple new solutions for a Cash game, MTT, Spin & Go, and HU SnG. And guess what! We are giving them away completely for free for a limited time!

New solutions

Cash game 6max ; NL50 General (4-8 sizings, 0.2% accuracy, ALL SPOTS preflop > river)
Spin & Go ; General (4-8 sizings, 0.25% accuracy, ALL SPOTS preflop > river)
Spin & Go ; Complex (12-19 sizings, 0.3% accuracy, ALL SPOTS preflop > river)
HU SnG ; General (4-8 sizings, 0.25% accuracy, ALL SPOTS preflop > river)
HU SnG ; Complex (12-19 sizings, 0.3% accuracy, ALL SPOTS preflop > river)
MTT 6max ; 20BB, 25 BB (3-8 sizings, 0.3% accuracy, ALL SPOTS preflop > river)
MTT 8max ; 30BB, 35 BB (3-8 sizings, 0.3% accuracy, PREFLOP ONLY)



– Practice mode is now smooth and won’t start lagging overtime
– Added Aggregated reports for NL500 General
– We have fixed every reported bug
– Small UI improvements

Let’s take a more in-depth look at each solution and answer most of the questions you may have.



MTT, Spin & Go, HU SnG postflop solutions

NL50 General
Today we are completing all missing spots for NL50 General. All our cash game solutions are now complete. Next on the menu are 50BB + 200BB solutions and 8max cash game solutions with ante/straddle.

Spin & Go (FREE for a limited time)

General (4-8 sizings, 0.25% accuracy, ALL SPOTS preflop > river)
Complex (12-19 sizings, 0.3% accuracy, ALL SPOTS preflop > river)

These solutions are unique, and you won’t most likely find anything close to these solutions anywhere on the market. We solved two types of solutions, both to high accuracy. Both of these types are solved for multiple stack depths and also with non-uniform stacks. That means you can study almost any situation in the game, even if each player has different stack. For studying, we recommend using General solutions and for in-depth analysis Complex solutions. You can study and practice with them. However, HH Analyzer is still not able to analyze Spin & Go hands. This will be possible later this month (September). We will keep solving more situations and stack depths and adding them over time. Feel free to suggest to us which situations we should solve next. You can use these solutions completely for free for a limited time.

HU SnG (FREE for a limited time)

General (4-8 sizings, 0.25% accuracy, ALL SPOTS preflop > river)
Complex (12-19 sizings, 0.3% accuracy, ALL SPOTS preflop > river)

Same as for Spin & Go, we have also solved two types of solutions for HU SnGs, and yes, they are also entirely free for a limited time.

MTTs (FREE for a limited time)

6max ; 20BB, 25 BB (3-8 sizings, 0.3% accuracy, ALL SPOTS preflop > river)
8max ; 35 BB (3-8 sizings, 0.3% accuracy, PREFLOP ONLY)

We are also happy to announce the first MTT postflop solutions. Today we are releasing all solved spots from preflop to the river for 20BB and 25 BB 6max. They contain 3-8 sizings and we solved them with high accuracy. We are also adding preflop solutions for 8max 30BB and 35BB stack depths. MTT solutions are currently the top priority, and you can expect a lot more stack depths for preflop/postflop solutions being added very soon. And yes, even these solutions are completely free for a limited time.

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Smooth practice mode
We got reports about Practice mode starting to lag after 50+ hands, and the only solution was to refresh the browser and start your session again. We have fixed this issue. We are working on a significant rework of a practice mode, and making it very smooth is one of our top priorities. You can expect a lot more improvements to the Practice mode in the following updates. Mainly new practice modes and a lot more customization options, so you can practice any scenario to fit exactly your needs.

NL500 Aggregated reports
We have also completed aggregated reports for NL500 General solutions. We will add NL50 General Aggregated reports soon.

Fixed bugs + UI improvements
And as always, we have fixed the majority of reported bugs and also made some minor UI improvements. Thanks for all of your reports.


Let’s now answer some questions you may have.

How come your solutions are for free?
Since we are entering new formats, we want you to have a great GTO learning experience, so we have decided to release them for free for a limited time. Take it as a gift from us, tell your friends about it and enjoy it!

For how long will they stay free?
They won’t stay free forever. We haven’t decided how long we will keep them free yet, but this promo will last at least a week.

How much will they cost afterward?
For every format, there will be different tiers. If you purchase Spin & Go, you will also get access to all HU SnG solutions, but you will also be able to purchase the HU SnG tier separately (cheaper). We will sell the MTT tier separately as well. The pricing will be similar to Cash game format subscriptions (all formats will have Starter and Premium tiers).

Why did you solve two types of solutions (General and Complex)?
The complex solutions with many sizings are indeed hard to study with. Still, to deliver you the ultimate experience, we needed to solve them so we can solve from them simplified solutionsWe are working on an algorithm that will go over each flop and each spot and determine the best action(s) based on EV loss incurred if you remove one or the other bet size for each hand separately. These EV factors will determine the best bet size (or just leave check as the only option). We will then run this algorithm for every node in the tree. Based on that, we will automatically generate the tree again and then solve it again one more time. (it’s essential to solve with multiple sizings first to analyze which sizing is preferred by the solver at a different spot). We are going to use them also for HH Analyzer. HH Analyzer works that it compares actions in your HHs with our presolved solutions. Since we have 19 flop sizes, we will always have very close action for comparison. The turns and rivers are then solved live with the exact action that happened in the game.

When can I start using HH Analyzer for other formats as well?
HH Analyzer will work for all formats in just a few weeks (we aim for the second part of September). Please, send us your HHs from different sites so that we can add support for them. We mainly need examples of HHs for MTT, HU SnG, and Spins from all the different sites.

Will you still be adding new solutions for the Cash game?
Yes! Even though we are releasing new solutions for other formats, we are still focused on adding new Cash game solutions. As we promised, we will release 50BB + 200BB Solutions. We will release new General solutions where every player will be opening to 2.5x, new semi-complex solutions with 6-9 sizings with improved preflop ranges, simplified solutions with just 1-2 sizings, and solutions for 8max cash game with ante/straddle.

When can I expect other solutions to be added?
Very soon. We plan to keep releasing MTT solutions for multiple stack depths quite often. Keep an eye on our Discord!

I have a different question. Where can I ask?
The best way to reach us is on our Discord.

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