Patch notesPatch notes - Range builder improvements

Wizards, today we are releasing new solutions, speed improvements, significant improvements to the Range builder, iPoker support & more!

New solutions

Cash game; NL500 General – 200BB (Preflop only)
Cash game; NL50 General – 200BB (Preflop only)
Cash game; NL500 General 2.5x – 100BB (Preflop only, all positions open to 2.5x)
8max MTT; 100BB, 80BB (Preflop only)


– Significant speed improvements for the Practice mode and HH Analyzer
– Major improvements to the Range builder
– Support of iPoker for the HH Analyzer
– Completed Aggregated reports for NL50 General
– GTO Wizard now speaks Polish and Hungarian
– New “All info” strategy view in the Solution browser
– Many requested improvements and fixed various reported bugs

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the new solutions and improvements.

Patch notes - Range builder improvementsNew solutions
Today we are releasing cash game preflop solutions for 200BB. They are available for both rake formats (NL50 and NL500). And yes, we are releasing them entirely for free again. You can expect postflop solutions for 50BB and 200BB in the near future.

We are also releasing General 2.5x solutions for NL500 (also preflop only). They are the same solutions as our General solutions, but all players open preflop to 2.5x BB. We will release them also for postflop.

We are also releasing 8max solutions for MTT 80BB and 100BB stack depths. You can expect us to add postflop solutions for MTT very soon. Currently, only postflop MTT solutions available are 20BB and 25BB (available for free).

To study these solutions, select them in the “Format selector” in the top menu of GTO Wizard.

Major speed improvements for the Practice mode and HH Analyzer
We have significantly improved our infrastructure, and the Practice mode and the HH Analyzer are now a lot faster. The practice mode has never been this smooth. We are monitoring the usage and still working on making it even quicker. It’s still possible that your files for analysis may end up in the queue, but this should rarely be happening, as we can analyze more than 2000 hands per minute.

Range builder improvements

Patch notes - Range builder improvements

You guys shared with us great feedback for the Range builder, and we have listened. We have added the ability to “paint” the range by the hand categories. So you can easily say: “I want all flush draws combos to be betting 33% and all top pairs to be betting 75%”. This should speed up the process of building the range significantly.

But it’s not the only improvement we have made to the Range builder. Besides some small UX improvements, we have entirely reworked the result screen.

Patch notes - Range builder improvements

Once you confirm your selection, you will see your total score of how close you are to the actual strategy. You can compare your actions, but now you can also see how many combos you have guessed correctly. If you mouse over the categories in the “Combos by score,” it will also highlight combos in both ranges, so you can easily spot your mistakes.

We have also added a quick summary of “Best categories + Worst categories” to see in which categories you are making the most significant mistakes and which hands you are playing well.

Patch notes - Range builder improvements

You can also switch from the “Summary” to “Hands / Draws or Equity buckets” and explore how well you play with each category separately. If you click on them, it will highlight combos in both ranges and show you that specific category’s actions breakdown.

Don’t forget that you can filter by the suits, group actions, or switch between your range views, even on the result screen (the menu is above the range on the right).

We highly recommend using Range builder in the Focus mode. Press F to activate it.

In the next update to the Range builder, we will add the ability to copy your ranges in PIO/GTO+ format and add history and stats. But most importantly, make it usable on mobile. If you have any other ideas on improving Range builder, please let us know on our Discord.

Support of iPoker for HH Analyzer
It’s finally here. You can upload your iPoker hands and get them analyzed. You can either upload them in classic .xml format generated by iPoker, or in .txt format created by your favorite poker tracking software. Don’t forget that the Analyzer currently only supports a 6max and Heads-up Cash game hands, but it will soon be working for Spins, HU SNG, and MTTs.

Completed Aggregated reports for NL50 General
Some of the spots in NL50 General reports were missing, but today we have completed all missing spots. Aggregated reports for all the cash game solutions we have are now complete.

GTO Wizard now speaks Polish and Hungarian
Cześć! Szia! GTO Wizard is now available also in Polish and Hungarian language. To change the language, click on the “Account” icon in the top right of GTO Wizard, and select “Languages”. Or you can do it here.

Patch notes - Range builder improvements

New “All” strategy view in the solution browser
We are adding a new “All” view of your strategy to the solution browser. It shows the strategy, but in the hand matrix, you can see the selected combo’s range, EV, EQ, and EQR. Don’t forget you can switch between the strategy views by pressing 1. You can also change these hotkeys here.

Other improvements and fixed bugs
There are many other minor improvements, all requested by you on our Discord. We have fixed most of the reported bugs as well. There are still some improvements you guys asked for, and you can expect them very soon. If you have any other suggestions, please let us know on our Discord.

Thank you for reading our patch notes, you can expect another update very soon. GL on the tables!