Hand History Analyzer

We are thrilled to announce that Hand History Analyzer is out after months of work! What is it capable of, and what are our plans with it? What other changes does this update bring? We are going to answer everything in today’s article.

– First version of HH Analyzer is out
– Range viewer, All-time stats and Win/Loss streak have been added to Practice mode
– New summary tab and an Ability to filter range by actions have been added to Solution browser

Hand History Analyzer

For the release of HH Analyzer we added the option to analyze one hand at a time. This works with PokerStars only for now (No limit 6max cash).

You can then click on any situation and study it.

Hand History Analyzer is here!

How exactly does it work?

When we analyze your hand, we use sizings we initially solved and compare them with your actions. If you bet 3 BB and we have a solution for 2.5 BB, we will automatically take your action as 2.5 BB.

Hand History Analyzer is here!

You can sometimes see the N/A sign next to your actions. That occurs either if you took a wrong line that should never happen in GTO or if we don’t have a solution for that specific situation (multiway pot post-flop).

Hand History Analyzer is here!

What are our plans with Hand History Analyzer?

We know that by using only 3 bet sizes, we don’t cover all the varieties of sizings. Therefore, we are planning to resolve our solutions with more sizings, making them near perfect.

We will soon introduce the option to upload and analyze multiple hands at the same time. With it we will add support for other poker sites.
(WPN + Ignition in progress, let us know which ones should be added next on our Discord).

In the table Hands, you will be able to filter by various filters.

We are also working on the Reports. Reports will analyze your game in general and compare your stats to GTO. You will find your leaks very quickly, and we will automatically recommend spots you should practice. The same will apply to your opponents. You will be able to identify your opponent´s playing patterns and exploit them to your advantage. You will also easily spot players who play perfect GTO all the time.

Later on we will also add an automatic import of your hands from your PT4/HM/H2N database.


Practice mode

We take your feedback very seriously, and that´s why you are now able to see your range while practicing.

Hand History Analyzer is here!

You can also try to get your highest win streak. In the Stats section, you can now switch between session / all-time stats.

Hand History Analyzer is here!

We see massive potential for new game modes. We are planning to add the option to play the whole hand until the river. We will add various new game modes with puzzles. Let us know on Discord which game modes/puzzles would you like to see!


Solution browser

You can now filter range by each action. You can select one or more actions at a time.

We added the “Summary” tab into the hand matrix. We are planning to add an Equity tab + Equity buckets. Because of that, we already released this Summary tab. You will be able to see all info for each combo at once.

Hand History Analyzer is here!

A lot has already been done and you can expect even more updates to the Solution browser coming very soon. After the HH analyzer is completed, we are planning to add an Aggregation view, so you can browse multiple spots simultaneously and compare them with each other.


What’s next?

HH analyzer is now our top priority, and we will quickly upgrade it to a fully working product supporting many poker rooms.

You can expect the next update for the HH analyzer to come very soon.

Join our Discord and let us know what you would like to see added to GTO Wizard. See you there!

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