New Cash & MTT solutions
and Aggregated reports

Wizards, today we are releasing new solutions, aggregated reports, and Cash General solutions for HH Analyzer!

New solutions

8max MTT; 40BB, 50BB, 60BB (Preflop only)
Cash game; NL50 General – 50BB (Preflop only, one size)
Cash game; NL50 Complex – 50BB (Preflop only, multiple preflop sizings)
Cash game; NL50 General 2.5x – 100BB (Preflop only, all positions open to 2.5x)


– Added Aggregated reports for Spins General (free)
– Added Aggregated reports for Cash game Heads-up Simple
– Ability to select which solutions you want to use for HH Analyzer (General or Basic)
– Added your themes to GTO Wizard
– Fixed various reported bugs

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the new solutions and improvements.

New Cash General 2.5x solutions
We have listened to your requests, and from today we have two variants of General solutions available. The original version (called General) has different preflop opening sizes for each player (UTG, HJ opens to 2x, CO to 2.3x). In the new variant (called General 2.5x), all players open to 2.5x of BB. GTO prefers to open to different sizes based on the player’s position, but if everyone in your games is opening to 2.5x, you should study with the new General 2.5x solutions. They are now available for NL50 (only for preflop, postflop is still being solved), but we will soon add this variant also for NL500.

New Cash 50 BB solutions
Today we are also introducing new stack depth for the Cash solutions. You can now study preflop solutions for 50 BB! We have released two variants (General and Complex). In general solutions, there is only one preflop sizing for each position. In the complex solutions, there are multiple of them. We have initially solved the complex ones to see which sizings are preferred by the solver, and we thought why not share these results with you. They are available for NL50, but you can expect this stack depth also for NL500. And since they are preflop solutions, they are entirely free for anyone to study. Postflop solutions are still solving. We are also working on the 200BB solutions, which will come a bit later.

Added Aggregated reports for Spins General + Cash game HU
Today is a great day for the Spin & Go players since we are releasing Aggregated reports for the Spins General solutions. They are available both for flops and turns. You can view them in the sheet or as a chart, sort them, group them into categories, and more. To see how to work with Flop reports, watch this video and to see how to work with Turn reports, watch this video. We will also release Aggregated reports for Spins Complex solutions soon. Don’t forget, that all the Spins features are available for a limited time completely for free!

With them, we are also releasing Aggregated reports for the Cash Game Heads-Up Simple solutions. They are available to all Cash game subscribed users.

Ability to select which solutions to use for HH Analyzer
The highly expected feature is here. You can select which solutions you want to use for your hand history analysis. Until today, the HH Analyzer was always analyzing your hands using Basic solutions, but now you can also select the General solutions. The ability to analyze your hands with Complex solutions is still in progress. HH Analyzer compares the actions you took in the game with our presolved solutions for the preflop, flops, and turns, and on the river, it will solve your hand with the exact action/bet size and stack depth that happened in the game. So, for example, if you bet 3 BB on the flop and we have solved for bet 2 BB and bet 3.5 BB, we will take it as if you would bet 3.5 BB. The solving with the actual stack and action will be soon working also for turns. This is a fantastic way to analyze your game quickly and find where you are making the biggest mistakes. We will add very detailed reports and statistics about your game (e.g., you will see that you overbet too much on turns on monotone boards, etc.) in the future as well. To select which solutions to use, go to your Uploads or change it in the Game settings.

Added your Themes and fixed various bugs
With the last update, we have introduced a Themes gallery. If you didn’t know, you can export your color settings and share them with other GTO Wizards. If you publish your theme in the #themes channel on our Discord, we will publish it with your name and nickname in the GTO Wizard app. Today we have updated the Themes gallery and fixed various bugs you have reported to us. Thanks for your reports!


And that’s all for this week! GL at the tables!

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